Isthmus of Panama: The Best Place to be Around for Nature Enthusiasts

What is Isthmus of Panama?

The Isthmus of Panama is a strip of land that connects the water bodies of Pacific and Caribbean. It is link that connects the continents of North and South America. Million of years ago, the tectonic plates of Pacific and Caribbean started colliding with each other. As a result of immense pressure and temperature that was created inside the plates, a number of volcanic eruptions started taking place that eventually took the form of islands. The vast sediments that were carried from the two American continents filled these empty islands slowly and gradually. This laid the foundation of Isthmus of Panama that played an important role in the geological history of Earth.

Bocas del Toro: Isthmus of Panama
Bocas del Toro: Isthmus of Panama

Effect of Isthmus of Panama on Climate

The Pacific Isthmus of Panama, having formed 3 million years ago, resulted in the formation of Gulf Stream. The creation of the Isthmus of Panama has resulted in changing the biodiversity of the world that allowed the migration of several species of plants and animals. It also had profound effect on the climates of both Europe and American countries. The cold climate of Europe grew warmer. More than 900 species of birds are the inhabitants of the Isthmus. To add to that, there is a variety of flora and fauna that has found its ecosystem here; this includes reptile, fish, insects and several types of amphibians.

The Isthmus of Panama as a Tourist Destination

These days, Isthmus has become the one of the most favorite tourist destinations. There are number of attractions here which one can travel to and enjoy. The geographical location of the Isthmus is favorable for the myriad activities that one can do here.

One can engage himself in activities like surfing, scuba diving, and fishing. At Isthmus of Panama, one can surf both the water bodies of Caribbean and Pacific at the same time. Not only this, there are several real state opportunities that are available. One can buy affordable estates at Panama or the nearby areas. Panama Canal in itself is a tourist hotspot. One can watch beautiful sceneries while traversing the Canal. There is a Panama Museum which has exhibits related to the history of American acquisition of Panama. This engineering marvel is the outcome of the strenuous efforts of several nations of the world.

Isthmus of Panama: Red Frog Island
Red Frog Island: Image Courtsey: Tripadvisor

Bocas del Toro is an archipelago of islands that offer various water sports activities that one can enjoy. There are several national parks that catch the attention of the tourists. Bastimientos Marine Park abounds in mangrove trees. The place has dramatic landscapes.

Bocas del Toro: Isthmus of Panama
Bocas del Toro

Most of the Islands are inaccessible. The only island that is accessible is Red Frog Island that has got its name from a number of red frogs that are found hopping on this Island. Darien Gap, a link connecting central and southern America, has sandy beaches, swamps, and rain forests.

Red Frog Island, Isthmus of Panama
Red Frog Island

Another picturesque location that makes the tour to Isthmus of Panama a worth-while visit is San Bas Islands. Inhabited by Kuna Indians, there are more than 360 islands that are inhabited by native people. Towards the south-west part of Panama, Chiriqui is a charming place that is known for its spectacular sceneries, majestic landscapes, and volcanic highlands. Baru Volcano is the most famous one. There are several resort towns that are meant for tourists. There are several banana and coffee plantations that can be seen here. Cascading waterfalls and pristine rivers are the major highlights of Chiriqui. Balboa is a suburban area that has several hotels and beach resorts.

Along Panama Canal lies the Monkey Island. It is located on Gatun Lake and is inhabited by a vast monkey population. Apart from monkeys, you will get to see other wildlife also which consists of lemurine owls, slothes, and crocodiles.

Isthmus of Panama: Monkey Island
Monkey Island: Picture Courtsey: Tripadvisor.

Isthmus of Panama Maps

If you want to view Isthmus of Panama on map, here is a Google Map for you:

Source: Map Data: Google @2023, INEGI

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