Hagia Sofia: Top Things That You Can Do Here

Hagia Sofia or Aya Sofia was earlier a Byzantine church that later became an Ottoman mosque. In earlier years, it was a cathedral in Constantinople until 15th century. From 1935, it has been a museum. Hagia Sophia was the third church in the series of construction. The first one was built by Constantine the Great … Read more

Tahiti Holidays: The Best Ways to Enjoy

Introduction Those who are planning Tahiti Holidays will not return disappointed as the coconut beaches, turquoise waters and volcanic peaks will leave one spell bound. The sheer beauty of these islands captivates the tourists and a visit to the place can be a rejuvenating experience of one’s life as it offers myriad attractions for the … Read more

Notre Dame Cathedral: A Must-See Gothic Monument

Introduction If visiting cathedrals is your passion and you want to explore some of these ancient masterpieces, then here is the information about two famous destinations that have caught the fancy of the tourist since centuries. Notre Dame Cathedral (also called Notre-Dame de Paris or Our Lady of Paris) is an excellent piece of Gothic … Read more

Blenheim Palace: Why Lovers of Architecture Should Go Here?

Blenheim Palace is a country house that is situated in Oxfordshire, England. It is the birth place of Winston Churchill and was inducted as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built in early eighteenth century, the palace is beautifully constructed in an area surrounded by magnificent lawns. The Place is built in Baroque architecture with emphasis given … Read more