Tahiti Holidays: The Best Ways to Enjoy


Those who are planning Tahiti Holidays will not return disappointed as the coconut beaches, turquoise waters and volcanic peaks will leave one spell bound. The sheer beauty of these islands captivates the tourists and a visit to the place can be a rejuvenating experience of one’s life as it offers myriad attractions for the visitors. Tahiti is a picturesque island that is located in South Pacific. It is an archipelago of 118 islands which are known for their panoramic views and pristine beaches. Lying midway between California and Australia, these islands are known for coral reefs and spectacular beauty. It is, in fact, a land of myriad attractions.


The beaches of Tahiti or French Polynesia are famous for black sands and enchanting landscapes. These gorgeous beaches are blessed with warm water and adequate climatic conditions. Manihi Beach, a coral atoll, is known for diving facilities. One can enjoy a number of other water spots also including snorkeling. The place is adorned with a number of small islets and lagoons. Though not frequently traveled by the visitors, this beach is distinctly unique from all the other attractions.

Matira Beach is the perfect place to spend Pacific Holidays in Tahiti. The visit to his heavenly place is an unforgettable experience of one’s life. For those who are looking for a honeymoon destination, this beach offers the best option. The place is stuffed with splendid luxury resorts and all the world-class amenities. One can relish international cuisines and enjoy water sports.

Tahiti Holidays
Tahiti Adventures: Image by lifeforstock on Freepik

More Adventures

As far as accommodation is concerned at this exceedingly beautiful place, there are over-water bungalows that are built right above ocean. The experience of standing amidst waves of Pacific and watching them wax and wane will make one forget everything else in this world. For lovers of surfing, there are myriad options. Venus Point, Matavai Point and Fisherman’s Point are some of the lovable surfing spots to enjoy your holidays in Tahiti.

Those looking for more adventures, One can go for dolphin swims that allow the visitors to swim and snorkel with this adorable creatures. Under the guidance of professionals, one can have the cherishable experiences of one’s life.

Art, Cruise, and Nightlife

There is more to Tahiti than scenic beaches and coral reefs. The art lovers can spend their holidays in Tahiti watching the art collection at Gauguin Museum. The museum is a dedication to the life of Paul Gauguin. There are several images, photographs, sketches and engravings that adore the Museum’s premises.

Gauguin Museum : Tahiti Holidays
Gauguin Museum, Tahiti: Image Attribution: By Wmpearl – Own work, CC0

Stay at cruise ships at Tahiti offers innumerable onboard activities. One can dine at specialty restaurants, can get massage at ultra-modern spa, or just relax at the luxury rooms of the magnificent hotels. There are many features that one can choose for himself while his stay at these cruises. Other facilities like cafe, lounge, casino, reading rooms are also offered to the passengers onboard.

Bora Bora, Tahiti
Bora Bora, Tahiti

 The nightlife at Tahiti can be best enjoyed at the clubs of Papeete. It is the major waterfront attraction and a hub of restaurants, cafes, and bars. The dancing at discotheques and drinking at one of the pubs can make one rejuvenate completely.

Tahiti is a beautiful archipelago of islands that attract thousands of tourists every year. One can enjoy a whole lot of activities at these islands. The lovely beaches and water spots can make Tahiti holidays a long-lasting experience of one’s life. So what are you waiting for? Book you Tahiti holiday packages and enjoy the scenic beauty of this marvelous place!!

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