Death Valley National Park: Best Things To Do


The largest park present in the American continent that has remained infamous for many centuries but has been the famous tourist attraction for past many years is Death Valley National Park. This place is not only charming and beautiful but is known for several different forms of geological structures that have been formed over million of years. The early explorers of this place had to suffer many hardships; the miners who mined in the mines of borax and ores of metal had to spend harsh lives.

Geology of Death Valley National Park

The Park has amazing structures of rocks and canyons that make it a picturesque place. The valley is flanked by mountains in east-west directions. The place has two valleys that go by the name of Death Valley and Panamint Valley that are characterized by the repetitive uplift and subsistence of valleys and surrounding mountain ranges. Death Valley National Park is among the hottest places of this world. Inspite of its rugged environment, the place is rich in diverse flora and fauna. There are vegetation zones comprising of bushes, blackbrush, limber pine, Joshua tree, and juniper. The lower slopes have sparse vegetation.

Death Valley National Park: Sand Dunes
Death Valley National Park: Image Attribution: By Brocken Inaglory – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

The desert landscape is characterized by beautiful sand dunes that have caught the fancy of many explorers and travelers over time. Not only is this, Bad Water, a valley lying at about 200 feet below sea-level, is adorned with glistening plains of white salt. The hot and arid region of Furnace Creek is marked by vegetation of palms and shrubs.

Flora and Fauna at Death Valley

A variety of desert animals thrive successfully in the hot climatic conditions of the Death Valley National Park. Bighorn Sheep, Cougars, Kit Foxes are some of the mammals that can be seen here easily. Among all the fauna, the number of species of birds is largest.

Options for Breathtaking Views

The view of the entire valley can be observed from the summit of Dante’s Peak. There is facility of parking lot at this place so that one can leave his trailer. Mustard Canyon is characterized by geological features of canyons that are brilliantly colored. Another place that is equally beautiful is Natural Bridge that was formed by the continual erosion of the canyon. Devil’s Golf Course is a vast accumulation of lumps of salt crystals that were formed as the remains of evaporation of a lake.

Death Valley National Park
Telescope Peal at Death Valley: Image Attribution: By Wilson44691 – Own work, CC0

Borax Museum has exhibits of machinery used for mining. It was the place of a bunker and checking point for miners. Another captivating site at National Park Death Valley is Father Crowley Point Monument that overlooks Panamint Valley. It is a must-watch for those who want to be mesmerized by the beauty of nature. Scotty’s Castle is a ruin of the colonial villa that was built by Massey Johnson. Built as a vacation getaway, it attracts the tourists for its lavish interiors. One can have a wonderful time visiting Keane Wonder Mill that has a small tunnel, the walk through which can be a scary experience.

If one wants to know about the history of mining in detail, then no place is better than Furnace Creek Visitor Center. A small screening about the mining industry is also displayed at the center. There is a gift-shop inside.

Death Valley National Park Hotels

There are a few hotels near Death Valley where you can stay during your visit. One option is Best Western Pahrump Oasis which is located in Pahrump (NV). The hotel has a spa and allows pets. While at hotel, you can visit nearby attractions like Spring Mountain Raceway and Tecopa Hot Springs.

Another good accommodation option is RV Park at Lakeside Casino. A pet-friendly hotel, provides on-site casino, a restaurant, and a bar, It provides parking spaces for an RV. While you are here, you can also enjoy fishing and canoeing. The McCarran Airport, about 73 km from this hotel, is the nearest airport. Yet another appealing option can be Preferred RV Resort, which provides parking sites for RVs and is not too far from Mount Charleston. Enjoy BBQ facilitates and a good mountain view.

RV Park at Lakeside Casino
RV Park at Lakeside Casino: Image Source:

Death Valley National Park Weather

March and April are the best times to visit the National Park. If you want to save money and scorching summer does not bother you much, you can go there in full-blown summer (May and June). Only a very few tourists visit the place in winters though the weather is pleasant.

Death Valley National Park Camping

Death Valley provides a number of to-do things such as camping, hiking, and cycling. In summer, it is best to cover the valley in a car as Valley is too vast to cover on foot, making it very hard to enjoy the place in scorching heat.

Death Valley Camping
Camping at Death Valley: Image Source:

Death Valley National Park Map PDF

Here is Death Valley National Park Map in pdf for you to download:


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