Bermuda Vacation: An Exquisite Island for Travellers

Bermuda, an overseas territory of British in North Atlantic Ocean, is a splendid island that is famous for its beautiful beaches and historical towns. It is one of the exotic tourist attractions in the world that are alluring and charming. A Bermuda vacation can be an invigorating experience as this small island abounds in beautiful beaches and places of historical importance.

Beaches in Bermuda

There are 34 pristine beaches that are famous for their pink-colored sands created by tiny coral reefs. The Horseshoe Bay Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Bermuda. It lies in the Southampton Parish; the beach is beautifully stretched along waters in the shape of a horseshoe magnet from where it derives its name. The lovely pink beaches are mesmerizing; the water is turquoise and crystal clear. This exquisite beach is most popular among the tourists.

A number of rocks of lime on the beach area give it a majestic look. The winding trails of the beach lead to beautiful coves. One such cove is Pink Royal Beach that is ideal for swimming and snorkeling. A number of beautiful birds are also seen here. Bermuda Vacations are not complete without visiting this heavenly place.

Horseshoe Bay Beach: Bermuda Vacation
Horseshoe Bay Beach: Image Attribution: By Ekem – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Another beach that catches the attention of tourists is Tobacco Bay Beach located in St. George parish. The name of the island comes from the fact that tobacco plants were found growing in this beach. This place is famous for snorkeling. The water is shallow that allows one to enjoy the sport. The beach abounds in coral reef and a wide variety of fish. Spend your Bermuda Vacation by renting a 9-Beaches Resort to spend a nice vacation here.

The Warwick Long Beach, as the name suggests, is a very long beach of about half a mile. This secluded beach is perfect for those who want to avoid crowd. This picturesque beach is covered with cedar and grape trees. Bermuda Vacations at this place can be a treat for lovers of snorkeling.

9 Beaches Resort: Vacations in Bermuda
9 Beaches Resort in Bermuda: Image Source: 9 Beaches Resort Bermuda

Aquarium Museum and Zoo

BAMZ or Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo is another tourist attraction. The aquarium has a number of tanks that are inhabited by different marine species. The biggest attraction here is North Rock tank that boasts of 140, 000 gallons of water and the largest collection of coral-reefs. More than 100 varieties of fish are found here including tiger fish, moray eels, and parrotfish.

The Museum has displays on natural history of Bermuda. There are presentations about different type of ecosystems of the island. A separate section shows how humans have influenced these ecosystems. The Zoo has different exhibits of animals and birds that are native to Caribbean and Australasia. BAMZ has become the favorite place for tourists going on vacations in Bermuda.

BAMZ: Vacations in Bermuda
BAMZ: Image Source: Tripadvisor Website

Towers and Forts

Gibbs Hill Lighthouse that has a height of 117 feet is the oldest lighthouse in the world. It was built to lessen the number of ship-wreckage that happened at the Island. One can have picturesque views of whole Bermuda from this tower. St. Catherine Fort is yet another tourist places. It has a number of towers and tunnels. The fort is protected by heavy canons that were used to fire the shell at enemies.

582px Gibbs Hill Lighthouse
Gibbs Hill Lighthouse: Image Attribution: By dbking – flickr, CC BY 2.0

Other Attractions

The other attractions worth having a vacation in Bermuda are National Parks, Leamington Caves, Hamilton Fort, and Somerset Bridge. The Leamington Caves are made up of limestone; they offer spectacular views of stalactites and stalagmites. Hamilton Fort gives majestic view of Hamilton Harbour; you can view heavey artillery pieces that were surprisingly never used in any war.

Bermuda Vacation
Bermuda Vacation

Somerset Bridge is yet another attraction that may catch your attention while you are having vacations in Bermuda. This small drawbridge joins Somerset Island to the mainland. There are also a number of other caves, beaches, harbors, etc. that can be chosen to spend a great time here.

Bermuda Vacation Packages

Those who are looking for exquisite Bermuda Vacation Packages, opt from the well-known travel webistes like Expedia, American Airlines Vacations, Kayak, and Go to Bermuda.

Bermuda Vacation Rentals

While visiting this breathtaking island, one can stay at one of the Bermuda Vacation Rentals most of which are scattered along beaches. You can have a delightful experience while staying at a house, villa, condo, or beachfront home. Easy rental homes are available in Hamilton, West End, St. George, the East End, Central Bermuda, and Royal Navel Dockyard, thus covering almost all of this 21 square-mile island.

Arrive here by air, a cruise ship or by your own private vehicle. For cruise ship, travelers need to alight first at Hamilton , St George Port, or Royal Navel Dockyard. From New York, it is a 90-minute flight while Toronto and Atlanta are within 3 hours of reach from Bermuda. Before you arrive, you need to fill a Bermuda Arrival Card first.

While here, explore the island on an electric vehicle or a bike. If you want to go by foot, it would be be equally amazing.

A few well-known Vacation Rentals in Bermuda are Rosewood , St. Regis Bermuda, Golf Resort and Spa, Hamilton Princess and Beach Club, Grotto Bay Beach Resort, and Newstead Belmont Hills, to name a few.

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